KRM Design Studio - Elevating Online Presence through The Pink Panda Digital Marketing Agency

Client Background:

KRM Design Studio is a reputable furniture manufacturer known for its innovative and aesthetically pleasing designs. With a legacy spanning over two decades, the company has established itself as a leader in the industry, offering a wide range of high-quality furniture for residential and commercial spaces.


While KRM Design Studio had a strong offline presence, the company recognized the need to enhance its online visibility to reach a wider audience and boost sales. With the growing importance of digital marketing, the company decided to collaborate with The Pink Panda, a renowned Digital Marketing Agency, to create a compelling online strategy.



  1. Increase Online Visibility: Boost the brand’s online presence, making KRM Design Studio more accessible to potential customers.
  2. Generate Leads: Drive traffic to the website and convert visitors into leads, ultimately increasing sales.
  3. Social Media Optimization: Leverage Meta (formerly Facebook) platforms for targeted advertising and engagement.
  4. Brand Consistency: Ensure that the online representation aligns with the premium and innovative image of KRM Design Studio.


  1. Website Revamp:

   – The Pink Panda initiated a comprehensive website redesign for KRM Design Studio, focusing on user experience, mobile responsiveness, and easy navigation.

   – Implemented high-quality visuals showcasing the furniture collections, emphasizing craftsmanship and design details.

  1. Social Media Presence on Meta Platforms:

   – Leveraged Meta’s advertising capabilities to create targeted campaigns for KRM Design Studio, reaching specific demographics interested in furniture and interior design.

   – Utilized Facebook and Instagram for visually appealing ads, carousel posts, and engaging content to showcase the diversity of KRM’s furniture range.

  1. Content Marketing:

   – Developed a content calendar highlighting product features, design inspirations, and industry trends.

   – Utilized Meta’s advertising tools to promote blog posts, videos, and infographics, establishing KRM as an authority in the furniture industry.

  1. Community Engagement:

   – Established and managed a Facebook Group dedicated to interior design enthusiasts, encouraging discussions, sharing design tips, and showcasing KRM Design Studio’s products.

   – Responded actively to customer queries and feedback to foster a positive online community.

  1. Data-Driven Approach:

   – Employed Meta Analytics and other tools to analyze user behavior, track campaign performance, and make data-driven decisions to optimize the digital marketing strategy continually.



  1. Increased Website Traffic:

   – The revamped website experienced a significant increase in traffic, with a higher number of visitors exploring various product categories.

  1. Lead Generation and Sales:

   – The targeted advertising on Meta platforms resulted in a substantial increase in leads, contributing to a boost in online and offline sales.

  1. Enhanced Social Media Engagement:

   – KRM Design Studio’s social media presence on Meta platforms witnessed a surge in engagement, with likes, comments, and shares reflecting a growing and engaged audience.

  1. Improved Brand Perception:

   – The consistent and visually appealing content shared on Meta platforms contributed to an enhanced brand perception, positioning KRM Design Studio as a leader in the furniture industry.


The collaboration between KRM Design Studio and The Pink Panda Digital Marketing Agency effectively transformed the company’s online presence, leading to increased visibility, engagement, and sales. By strategically leveraging Meta platforms, the campaign successfully reached the target audience, establishing KRM Design Studio as a go-to destination for premium and innovative furniture solutions.

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